Is Underweight a Free Trait in Project Zomboid?

Underweight is a very high-quality trait because you can remove the negative attribute by increasing weight.

The benefits of being underweight

The main benefit of being underweight is that it allows you to pick up positive fitness traits. Being overweight bars you from picking up any positive fitness traits.

It gives you +6 Trait points

Being overweight or underweight is best for you and will vary based on the rest of your build.

The drawbacks of being underweight

Being underweight in Zomboid comes with a number of drawbacks. Characters who are very underweight (between 50 and 65) have reduced melee damage, a higher chance of tripping, and increased fall damage.

They also have a greater chance of failing to climb tall fences. Being underweight also lowers a character’s starting weight from 80 to 60. Fitness does not cause the effects associated with being underweight. Rather, it is the weight itself that causes these effects. So, if a character hits 65 weight, they will no longer be considered very underweight and will no longer suffer from the increased chance of tripping and reduced melee damage.

However, they will still be underweight and will suffer from the other penalties associated with this trait.

It can bar you from picking up positive Fitness traits. With Underweight, you can still pick Athletic for a net +3 bonus.

What is considered underweight in Project Zomboid?

Obese100 or moreIf a player’s weight is 100 or more, they will suffer from damage.
Overweight85–100If a player’s weight is between 85 and 100, they will be considered obese.
Normal75–85If a player’s weight is between 75 and 85, this is considered the normal range.
Underweight65–75If a player’s weight is between 65 and 75, they will be considered Underweight.
Very Underweight50–65If a player’s weight is between 50 and 65, they will be considered Very Underweight.

The best way to gain weight

Gain weight is significantly easier than losing weight. Gaining weight is easy mode.

Tips on how to gain weight quickly:

Including eating as much food as possible and using the ice cream tub method. If you’re looking to gain weight, the best way to do it is to make sure you’re eating enough food. You can tell if you’re eating enough by checking the “up and down arrows” next to your weight in the info panel.

If you’re not sure about the nutritional values of the food you’re eating, you can check the calorie list or take the nutritionist trait to see them in the game.

Starvation can cause health damage, and being constantly hungry can make it difficult to gain weight.

High calorie food list

Can of Oats1500
Canned Bolognese540
Bread Dough532
Canned Corned Beef720
Ice Cream1680
Peanut Butter2660
Cake Batter800
TV Dinner670

The effects of very underweight on the body

The “Very Underweight” trait in the game affects the player’s body in a number of ways. Firstly, it lowers the player’s fitness level by 2. This is a semi-permanent change, meaning that even if the player gains weight, they will still need to earn back those 2 fitness levels.

Secondly, the player’s starting weight is lowered. This is a temporary change, and all other values associated with weight (e.g. Melee damage, chance to trip, etc.) are only present until the player gains 5+ more weight.

How calories affect weight gain in Project Zomboid

Your calorie intake in Project Zomboid affects how much weight you gain or lose. If you have a negative calorie balance, you will lose weight, and if you have a positive calorie balance, you will gain weight. The rate at which your calorie balance changes depends on your activity level; walking and being stationary burn calories at the same rate, but running burns calories much faster. The maximum amount of calories you can have is 3,700, and the minimum is -2,200.

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