How to use a bayonet, attach a bayonet, and swap to melee mode

Bayonet for vanilla

Attach a Bayonet

Some people say you should aim first, then press the spacebar. It attacks like a normal spear. But I found from the tests that this does not work, maybe it is a bug.

Bayonet for britas weapons

How to use melee mode

To use a bayonet to melee attack zombies, you need to equip the bayonet and then switch to melee mode.

To use melee mode, right-click on the weapon and select the mode that it’s currently not in. For example, if you’re using a rifle in single-shot mode, you would right-click on the rifle and select “melee mode.” This will allow you to use the weapon as a melee weapon, such as a bayonet.

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