How to Turn on Night Vision in Project Zomboid?

Night vision is an essential survival tool that can help you survive in the dark. It’s also a powerful tool that will give you an advantage in close combat. If you’re wondering how to turn on night vision in Project Zomboid, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips on how to get Night vision goggles, the Cat’s Eyes trait, and other tips that help you survive in the darkness.

Night vision goggles

If you are wondering how to find Night vision goggles in Project Zomboid, then you are in luck. The game actually comes with multiple mod plugins that you can install if you don’t already have them installed. Adding night vision goggles to your zombie-killing gear will make it easier for you to spot your prey, and it will allow you to have a much better view of the world around you.

eris_nightvision_goggles Mod:


Adds night vision goggles that are compatible with B41 IWBUM

Link: Click

Night Vision Goggles Mod:

Allow you enable Night Vision API upon the Brita’s Armor Pack or another mod with a “Night Vision” Item Display Name.

Link: Click

Sandbox  Darkness setting

It may not be pleasant to spend hours outside the game during the night, but if you don’t want to miss anything, you adjust the “Darkness during Night ” to “Bright”. This  will also make it easier to forage for resources in search mode. 

Darkness during Night

Cat’s Eyes trait

Cat’s Eyes is a useful trait in Project Zomboid. This trait increases +20% better vision at night. As you hunt zombies in the dark, this trait can be particularly helpful. The same goes for Dextrous. This trait makes moving items more convenient both during day and night. All these traits can be obtained by spending four points.

Eris minimap

If you have difficulty seeing in the dark, you may install Eris minimap Mod to help you find your current position. It also can display the zombie on the map near you.

eris_minimap Mod :

Zombies will appear if they are seen by a local player or if they are very close (~5 tiles) (line of sight) (affected by hearing).

Link: Click

Changing the Brightness of your monitor

To change the brightness of your monitor, you may need to adjust the “black level” option. I typically keep the brightness low, but when the game goes dark, it usually works well.

Starting as a lumberjack

If you’re starting out in Project Zomboid and don’t want to spend all of your time outside, the first step is to start out as a lumberjack. This profession will give you more strength and extra fitness points, so you can run and hit zombies for longer periods of time. This profession also boosts your carrying capacity, which is great for those of us who spend a lot of time looting.


So there you have it – our tips on how to turn on night vision in Project Zomboid. Whether you’re looking for a mod plugin to add night vision goggles, or you’re just looking for some tips on how to survive in the dark, we’ve got you covered. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll be able to survive any nightmarish situation.