How to Move and Place Furniture in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are many different mechanics that you can use to help you survive your zombie apocalypse adventure. One of these mechanics is the Pick Up and Move feature. This feature can help both avid base decorators and survivalists, as it allows them to pick up and move furniture, tools, and other objects – both to help them survive and to make their base look better. In this article, we will go over how to use the pick up and move mechanics, why you should move furniture, and some frequently asked questions about the feature.

How To Pick Up

Picking up furniture is simple and easy to do. To pick up an item, you will need to press the button on the top left hand side of your screen. Once you have an item in your possession, you can move it to your base by pressing the “TAB” key to enter the “Place” mode. From here, you can press “R” to cycle through the available objects and place them where you’d like. You can also press “R” to change the direction of the furniture.

Additionally, some objects may require certain tools or skills in order to pick them up. For example, you need Electricity 3 and a screwdriver to pick up a fridge.

Why Move Furniture?

Moving furniture can be useful in a number of ways. For instance, if you find yourself in a situation where you are being chased by a horde of zombies, you can pick up furniture and place it at the entrance of the building to buy yourself some time. This can help you thin their numbers as opposed to having them charging all at once.

Another useful tip is to use dumpsters as barricades outside of gates. Dumpsters have high health pools and take zombies a while to break through. Additionally, zombies won’t destroy furniture items unless they are aggroed, so placing them outside of windows will keep them intact for much longer.

Finally, moving items can also be used to furnish your base. You can move water dispensers with 250 units of clean water, ovens, sofas, beds, and more. So if you want to make your base look like the best apocalypse safe house you’ve ever seen, be sure to take advantage of the pick up and move mechanics!


Q: Can I move fridges in Project Zomboid?

A: You need Electricity 3 and a screwdriver to pick up a fridge.

Q: Why can’t I place furniture/bed/couch/fridge?

A: Sometimes when you try to pick up some furniture, it will drop into more than one part. You can fix this by having both parts in your inventory, or by placing some of the parts on the ground and then placing the furniture again.


Picking up and moving furniture is an important mechanic to know in Project Zomboid. Not only can it help you survive, but it can also help you make your base look great. So get out there and start moving some furniture!