How to make dough in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid can be daunting at times with its intense cookbook recipes. Knowing in Project Zomboid how to cook certain food items can be challenging and as such, I’m here to help! To make dough, you should start with a Chef Occupation or read a Good Cooking Magazine Vol.2. After getting the recipe, you can make your own dough.

Bread Dough

In Project Zomboid Bread Dough is a perishable food item, remaining fresh for 4 days and rotten after 9. In fresh state, it decreases hunger for -15 points without any negative effects. Progressively, as the bread dough reaches its stale and rotten stages, the decrease in hunger points is diminished to -11 and -6 respectively.

If consumed while fresh, bread dough poses no negative effects upon you however, in its stale state it causes a +10 and +20 increase in Boredom and Unhappiness respectively. In the rotten state, dough bread becomes dangerous. The increase in Boredom and Unhappiness increments to +20 and +30 and eating it can also cause sickness. 

The Recipe

To get the recipe for bread dough, either start with the Chef occupation when creating your character, or read a Good Cooking Magazine Vol.2. But who’d want to read when there’s zombies out for your brains! 

Make Bread Dough

Pie Dough

Pertaining to the current version of the game, in Project Zomboid pie dough unlike bread dough is a non-perishable but inedible food item. Now you might be tempted to throw it away at first glance, but wait! It can be a fantastic item for survival. Although you cannot consume a pie dough, it can be used to craft a pie. Now who would have thought of that?

Plcae Pie in Baking Pan

The Recipe

Similar to a bread dough, you can obtain the crafting recipe for a pie dough by either starting with the Chef occupation during character creation, or reading a Good Cooking Magazine Vol.1.

Make Pie Dough

How to Cook Bread Dough/Pie Dough

In order to cook bread dough or pie dough, you first need to learn their crafting recipes. I have already explained how you can do that above! Once you’ve successfully learned these, you can move on to the next step which is gathering ingredients.

What You’ll Need

In order to make bread dough, you require a Rolling Pin and 1 unit of Water, Flour, Salt and Yeast. On the other hand, pie dough requires 2 units each of Water, Salt and Flour along with a staggering 15 units of Butter. That’s quite butter-y!

The Steps

Now that you’ve collected all the necessary ingredients, open-up your inventory and combine these by right clicking them. Combining these will produce bread or pie dough, depending upon the one you decide to make, helping you keep your belly full during the zombie apocalypse!


Crafting dough in Project Zomboid is simple and easy, once you know the recipes and have gathered the necessary ingredients. Although, it is important to keep in mind that perishable items such as bread dough can go bad over time and become inedible or even dangerous. Make sure to consume them before that happens!