Project Zomboid – Crafting Bread Dough and Pie Dough

Project Zomboid is an incredibly intense and immersive zombie survival game with a vast array of mechanics and features that can be daunting at times. One such element of the game is cooking, which can be especially difficult to master as a beginner. Knowing how to craft certain food items can be a challenge, but thankfully I’m here to help! In this article, I’ll be giving an overview of how to craft bread dough and pie dough in Project Zomboid.

Bread Dough
Bread dough is a perishable food item in Project Zomboid, remaining fresh for 4 days and then becoming stale for the next 5 days, before eventually becoming rotten. When consumed fresh, it will decrease hunger by 15 points without any ill effects. As it reaches its stale and rotten states, the decrease in hunger points is diminished to 11 and 6 respectively. While fresh, there are no negative effects, however as it nears the stale and rotten stages, boredom and unhappiness will increase by 10 and 20 respectively. If consumed in its rotten state, the increase in boredom and unhappiness increases to 20 and 30 and there is also the potential to cause sickness.

The Recipe
In order to make bread dough, the first step is to learn the recipe. This can be achieved either by starting with the Chef occupation when creating your character, or by reading a Good Cooking Magazine Vol. 2.

Make Bread Dough
Pie Dough
Unlike bread dough, pie dough is a non-perishable but inedible food item in Project Zomboid. It may appear to be a waste of resources at first glance, but it can actually be incredibly useful for survival, as it can be used to craft a pie.

Plcae Pie in Baking Pan

The Recipe
Similar to bread dough, learning the crafting recipe for pie dough can be achieved by either starting with the Chef occupation during character creation, or by reading a Good Cooking Magazine Vol. 1.

Make Bread Dough

Make Pie Dough
How to Cook Bread Dough/Pie Dough
In order to cook bread dough or pie dough, the first step is to learn their respective crafting recipes, which I have already explained how to do above. Once you have successfully learned these, the next step is to gather the necessary ingredients.

What You’ll Need
In order to make bread dough, you will need a Rolling Pin and 1 unit each of Water, Flour, Salt and Yeast. For pie dough, you will need 2 units each of Water, Salt and Flour and 15 units of Butter.

The Steps
Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients, open your inventory and combine them by right-clicking them. This will produce bread or pie dough, depending on which one you decide to make, helping you keep your hunger levels up during the zombie apocalypse.

Crafting dough in Project Zomboid is relatively simple once you know the recipes and have gathered the necessary ingredients. However, it is important to keep in mind that perishable items such as bread dough can go bad over time, becoming inedible or even dangerous. Be sure to consume them before that happens!