How to level up the maintenance skill quickly and safely in project zomboid

Maintenance skill is a key factor in keeping melee weapons from losing condition. The higher the maintenance skill, the greater the chance that a weapon will not lose condition. The other important factor is weapon skill.

The benefits of having a high maintenance skill

The maintenance skill is responsible for reducing the chance of a tool or weapon losing durability when it is used. This is important because if a tool or weapon breaks, it can be difficult or impossible to replace.

The traits that help level up the maintenance skill

There are two options available at character creation that will allow players to advance in this skill more quickly: being a Burger Flipper, Chef, Repair Man, or having the “Handy” trait.

How to level up the maintenance skill quickly and safely.

-Banging on doors can help you level up your maintenance skill quickly and safely.

-There are plenty of garages, storage units, and tool sheds that can be opened by bashing on the door with a specific weapon.

-Different weapons do different amounts of damage to construction, so it’s important to choose one that is not as good at destroying things.

-Metal pipes can be used to generate an infinite amount of hits when bashing doors in from inside a car(swing faster and safe).

swing faster and safe

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