how to clean blood stains in project zomboid

In Project Zomboid, blood stains can appear on walls, floors, and clothing. It’s important to clean these stains for a few reasons: to avoid negative moodles and to keep your character healthy. Here’s how to clean blood stains from various surfaces in the game.

Cleaning Blood Stains from Walls and Floors

To clean blood stains from walls and floors, you’ll need one of the following items: a bath towel, dish towel, mop, broom, or bleach. Once you have the necessary item, go to the location with the blood stains and right-click on them. From the menu, select the “Clean Blood” option. The blood stains will then be removed using your chosen cleaning item.

Clean Blood

Cleaning Blood Stains from Clothes

To clean blood stains from clothes, you’ll need to head to a water source and right-click to open the menu. From there, you can choose to wash all of your clothing at once or select individual pieces to cleanse. For more information on how to clean and dry clothes in Project Zomboid, see the game’s documentation.

Avoiding Blood Stains

If you want to avoid blood stains altogether, you can adjust the sandbox settings in the game. In the sandbox menu, set the “Blood Level” to “None” and the “Clothing Degradation” to “Disabled.” This will prevent blood stains from appearing on walls or clothing.

Sandbox No Blood

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