how to clean blood stains in project zomboid

Bloodstains can show up on walls, floors, and clothing, and you can clean them up.

Why you should clean blood in Project Zomboid

This process can be useful to avoid negative moodles and keep your character healthy.

How to clean blood stains from walls and floors in Project Zomboid

The first step is to find the right items in your inventory. Once you have the necessary items, you can begin cleaning the blood off of the floor and walls.

Five items can be used to clean blood stains from walls and floors: Bath towel, Dish towel, Mop, Broom, and Bleach.


To clean the blood from walls and floors, go to the location and right-click on the bloodstains. From the Menu, select the Clean Blood option. Once you select, the blood will be removed with Bleach and a Bath Towel/Dishtowel/Mob/Broom.

Clean Blood

How to clean blood stains from clothes in Project Zomboid

You have to take another method to clean the stains on your cloth. You’ll need to head to a water source and right-click to open up the menu. From there, you can choose to wash all of your clothing at once, or select individual pieces to cleanse.

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Hot to avoiding blood stains in Project Zomboid

In the sandbox settings, Set Blood Level(How much blood is sprayed on floor and walls) to “None” and Clothing Degradation (Governs how quickly clothing degrades, becomes dirty, and bloodied) to “Disabled

Doing this will keep bloodstains from appearing on walls or clothing.

Sandbox No Blood

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