How to claim a safehouse in Project Zomboid

What is a safehouse in Project Zomboid?

A safehouse in Project Zomboid is a safe place where players can store their belongings without fear of them being taken by other players. Depending on the server settings, players may even be able to respawn inside their safehouses if they are killed. Safehouses can be claimed by any player, but server admins can also disable them or spawn in pre-made safehouses. To find a safehouse, players must first find an interesting location on the map. Once a location is found, players can use a pen to mark it as a safehouse. If the location is a spawn location, it cannot be used as a safehouse. A safehouse is essential for progression in Project Zomboid because when a player dies, they lose all their belongings. Having a safehouse allows players to store their loot and supplies so they don’t have to start from scratch every time they die.

How to claim a safehouse in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, players can claim safehouses by marking an interesting location on the map with a pen. To find a suitable building that can be claimed as a safehouse, players should look for an interesting location that is not a spawn location. Once they have found a suitable location, they must right-click the floor of the building and select the option Claim Safehouse. This will assign the house to their character. It is important to note that once a player has claimed one safehouse, they will not be able to claim another. When a safehouse is active, no other players will be able to enter within 2 tiles of the house.

Safehouse server settings in Project Zomboid

Different server settings can dictate how safehouses work in the game. For example, some servers may not allow players to claim a safehouse unless they have lived inside the server for a certain number of days.

The “Safehouse server settings in Project Zomboid” allows administrators to change all server settings in the game. This includes the option to allow only admins to have a safe home, as well as the option to disable the safe house when a player is connected. The “Player SafeHouse” setting determines whether or not the safe house feature will be available in the game.

Safehouse Settings

Why commercial buildings can’t be claimed as safe houses

A group of survivors in “Project Zomboid” attempted to claim a commercial building as their safe house but found that they were unable to do so. The building was fully cleared of zombies, but the presence of cars nearby prevented them from claiming it. They attempted to delete the cars, but another zombie stumbled in and they were forced to kill it. Now the building is considered a “non-residential building” and they are unable to claim it. There is a mod on the Steam workshop that changes this, but it is unknown if it works on multiplayer servers.

How to claim a new safehouse

Once a safehouse is claimed, that player cannot claim another one.

How to remote move your safehouse

Release Safehouse

First, release your original safehouse. Then simply right-click on the floor of your new house, and click “Claim Safehouse“. By doing so, you can rename your safehouse and decide who enters.

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