How To Board Up Windows In Project Zomboid

How to barricade a window in Project Zomboid

To barricade a window in Project Zomboid, you will need a hammer, some planks, and some nails. To do this, right-click on the window and click “barricade (planks)” Your character will then pull out the planks and start nailing them into the window. You can do this up to four times. Keep in mind that each time you barricade a window, you will use up some of the resources (planks and nails).

You can barricade both sides of the window(double protect)!

Board Up Windows And Doors

Master beds are the big ones that give you the most planks, nails, and experience.

It is important of considering which part of the structure will be used as an entrance, before placing barricades. On buildings with second-story windows, We suggest using sheet ropes as a useful entrance that can’t be used by zombies. This allows all of the ground floor doors and windows to be fully secured.

The different types of barricades

Barricades typeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Metal sheetsHigh level of protectionCan’t be seen through
Wooden boardsCan be seen throughWeaker than metal sheets
Metal barsCan be seen throughProvide the same level of protection as a metal sheet

The different materials that can be used to create a barricade

Barricades typeToolsIngredient
Wooden boardsHammerWooden Plank * 1–4, Nails * 2
Metal sheetsPropane Torch, Welder MaskMetal Sheet * 1
Metal barsPropane Torch, Welder MaskMetal Bar * 3

How to remove a barricade

To remove a barricade that has been put in place, the player must have the same tool that was used to create the barricade. If they do not have that tool, a crowbar can be used instead.

Right-click on the barricades and click “Unbarricade.” When the barricade is removed, any metal sheets, bars, or wooden planks are retrieved but nails are lost.

Why you should barricade windows in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, it is important to barricade windows. Barricades prevent entry or exit for both the player and zombies.

Zombies take longer to break down a door that is protected by a barricade, and windows are much less likely to shatter if they are reinforced with a barricade. The material you use for your barricade will determine how strong it is.

How to barricade your safe house effectively

If you want to effectively barricade your safe house, it is important to choose a building with multiple exits and few windows. This will spread out the zombies and make them easier to defend. You should also aim for a building with a door that faces a safe side. If you think the front door or another door is likely to be attacked, you can barricade it.

The importance of having multiple exits in your safe house

It is important that have multiple exits in your safe house in case of a zombie attack. You should always aim for a multiple-exit building with two to three exits. This will give you more time to respond if zombies are attacking.

In the event of a zombie outbreak, you need to be able to quickly and easily get out of your safe house if it becomes compromised. Otherwise, you run the risk of being trapped inside with no way out.

Using walls to barricade door frames and windows

To keep door frames and windows safe from hordes of zombies, it is recommended that walls be used to barricade them.

Furniture as barricades in your safe house

Furniture can be used to barricade doors and windows in a safe house, providing some measure of protection against zombies while still allowing occupants to be aware of their surroundings.

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