How To Allocate More Ram To Project Zomboid

If you are experiencing lag in Project Zomboid, one possible solution is to allocate more RAM to the game by following the steps below.

How to increase ram usage for Project Zomboid on a Windows computer

If you are looking for a way to increase the amount of RAM that is allocated to Project Zomboid on a Windows computer. Here are some methods you can do:

  1. Edit the ProjectZomboid64.bat file.
  2. Edit the ProjectZomboid64.json file so that the game always launches with a specific amount of RAM.
  3. Create a shortcut to the projectzomboid.exe file and add a command to increase the amount of RAM that is used.(in the target line add in “-Xms3072m -Xmx4096m”)

First, go to the game file folder at Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid. There, you should be able to see either ProjectZomboid64.json or ProjectZomboid64.bat.(or ProjectZomboid32.json if you have a 32-bit system)

Then, You will need to add the “-Xms2G” and “-Xmx4G” arguments(change the -Xms and -Xmx values to your desired amount of RAM), similar to what is shown in the example.

More Ram

xms = minimum ram usable. xmx = maximum ram usable. The default max is 2 gigs.

For example, setting these values to -Xms4G -Xmx4G will allocate 4 GB of RAM to the game.

Finally, you can launch the game using the bat file or by creating a shortcut from ProjectZomboid64.exe file(or directly from the exe file if you edit the JSON file as well)

The benefits of increasing ram usage for Project Zomboid

Adding more RAM to Project Zomboid can help reduce lag and improve game performance.

For those wondering, the general rule of thumb is not to put too much ram- especially if you’re hosting a server. If you have 8GB of ram, it’s recommended that you don’t give project zomboid more than 3GB. I have 32GB and only allocate 8GB to the game – and I’m able to run 200+ mods with minimal lag.

How to determine how much ram to allocate to Project Zomboid

You can experiment with different values to see what works best for you, but a good rule of thumb is to not allocate more than 3GB of RAM if you have 8GB total. If you have more RAM, you can increase the values accordingly. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much RAM can actually cause lag.

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