How do you turn off infection in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid’s multiplayer mode, players must navigate a world filled with zombies and scavenge for supplies to survive. One of the main threats in the game is the zombie virus, which can be transmitted through bites and scratches. In this article, we’ll go over how to turn off zombie infection in Project Zomboid, as well as how it changes the gameplay experience.

To turn off zombie infection in Project Zomboid’s multiplayer mode, you’ll need to make some changes to the SandboxVars.Lua file. This file can be found at C:\User\Username\Zomboid\Server on your computer. Once you’ve located the file, open it in a text editor.

Zombie Infection

Inside the SandboxVars.Lua file, you’ll find two settings that control the zombie virus: Transmission and Infection Mortality. The Transmission setting determines how easily the virus spreads, while the Infection Mortality setting determines how quickly an infected character will die. To turn off zombie infection, you’ll need to change both of these settings.

First, find the Transmission setting and change it to “4”. This will disable the zombie virus from spreading. Next, find the Infection Mortality setting and change it to “7”. This will prevent your character from dying from an infection. Once you’ve made these changes, save the file and exit the text editor.

To apply the changes, you’ll need to reboot the server. Once the server has been rebooted, zombie infection will be turned off in Project Zomboid’s multiplayer mode.

So, what does turning off zombie infection do to the gameplay experience? One of the main benefits is that it makes it easier for players to survive. Without the threat of being infected, players can focus on other aspects of the game without worrying about becoming a zombie themselves. It also makes it easier for players to find and scavenge for items, as they won’t have to worry about being attacked by zombies.

However, turning off zombie infection also removes one of the main threats in the game, which may not be desired by some players. Without the threat of infection, players may feel less pressure to survive and the game may not feel as intense. Additionally, players will still die easily if they are surrounded by zombies, so the threat of death is not completely removed.

Ultimately, whether or not to turn off zombie infection in Project Zomboid’s multiplayer mode is a personal decision. Some players may prefer the added challenge of dealing with the zombie virus, while others may find it more enjoyable to play without the threat of infection. Experiment with different settings to find the balance that works best for you and your group.

Transmission OptionsDescription
1Blood + Saliva
2Saliva Only
3Everyone’s Infected
Mortality OptionsDescription
20–30 Seconds
30–1 Minute
40–12 Hours
52–3 Days
61–2 Weeks
TransmissionBlood + Saliva, Saliva Only, Everyone’s infectedControls how the zombie virus spreads.
Infection MortalityInstant, 0–30 Seconds, 0–1 Minutes, 0–12 Hours, 2–3 Days, 1–2 Weeks, NeverControls how quickly the infection takes effect.

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