Find out which berries are poisonous and how to avoid them!

If you ever get lost, may it be in the forest or an island, one way to survive this unfortunate event is to seek water and drink to consume. On average, a person can survive a week without water or food. Now, if you are trapped in a scenario like this, one way to survive is through scavenging. Berries are good for survival as they give you different nutrients. Furthermore, it is also easy to find as most berries grow in bushes. With all the benefits it can give, you’ll surely survive with it until you get help.

Similarly, berries play an important role when playing Project Zomboid, a virtual game of horror and survival. Not only does it help the player survive, but it also gives them an advantage when playing the game. Whether in real-world or virtual games, berries play a vital role, and you should learn about this.

Knowing the Berries.

It is important to know and identify the different types of berries in this game. You have to know how to spot project zomboid berries and learn the variation in this classification which can give benefits and detriments depending on what variety it is.

For its visual pattern, Blue Berries, Black Berries and Generic Berries are used for classification. Now it comes a little bit tricky in here. Other than this classification, the berries are also classified based on perishability. Fresh Berries are perfect for reducing the player’s hunger and boredom. When eaten, Stale berries can cause hunger and boredom, while Rotten Berries are dangerous and can cause sickness.

When foraging, another classification is made; Inferior Berries and Superior Berries. The former classification can offer a reduction of 5-point hunger and is found anywhere, while the latter offers a 10-point reduction in hunger and can only be located once you achieve level 2.

Poisonous berries and their effect?

Now you’ve learned the variety of the classification of berries; surely, there is one thing you’re curious about. It’s harmful or poisonous berries. Before, the game assigned all white berries as poisonous, but with its new update, the game can assign poisonous berries randomly. Also, even if the berries are fresh or stale, they can now be poisonous.

Once a poisonous berry is digested, it can cause nausea and sickness to your character, but if you ingest many, it may lead to your character’s death.

Looking for Berries?

Foraging is considered one of the survival skills present in this game. This skill will allow you to investigate what you are in and look for important resources that can be used to survive the game. This can allow you to examine the area in detail, which will be helpful when you are looking for food, and items, and even search for other players once they are located within the search area.

Now, if you don’t want to waste time and effort using these foraging skills, you can go over to bushes as berries are designed to grow there. In collecting, you can add the found items in your inventory by double-clicking it or using the right-click button to use or relinquish the item, giving you additional XP.

Berries for Crafting.

Other than directly eating berries to gain a positive effect, you can use them as ingredients to create other products that will help you survive the game. Some of these products are cake, waffles, fruit salad, muffins and pancakes; when crafted can give you either a 5 or 10 points nutritional increase. On the other hand, if you use poison berries when crafting items, then the item also becomes poisonous.

How to spot poisonous berries without the Herbalist perk

Typically, to identify a poisonous berry, all you have to do is use the Herbalist Skill. They will immediately identify which berries are safe or not. But don’t you worry if you haven’t possessed that skill yet. There are still options for you to spot poisonous berries. To do this, you must be aware of the berry’s differences. Usually, blue and blackberry are safe, while white ones are harmful. Since the games had assigned some random poisonous berries, the other option you can do is eat 3 of the berries and wait for their effect. If you become sick, that berry you picked up at that location is harmful.

What to do if you eat a poisonous berry?

Eating poisonous berries will not kill you unless you have weak stomach characteristics. When you accidentally induce one, you can take other food that will help you battle its effects, but once you’ve had too much, your character might die, and you have to start again. To avoid this, all you have to do is distinguish berries and acquire herbalist skills.

To fully understand and survive this game, you must store many beneficial items, acquire all traits and skills needed and be informed of the game’s rules. By doing this, you’ll successfully survive without being poisoned by berries and clear the game.

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