How to remove Corpse in project zomboid

How to dispose of bodies in project zomboid

When a zombie is killed, there are often corpse left behind. In Project Zomboid, there are several ways to deal with the bodies. One option is to dismember the corpses and get rid of the corpse. Another option is to bury them in a grave. You can also burn them with fire. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you dispose of the bodies properly so they don’t attract zombies or other unwanted attention.

#1: Dissect Corpse

You may need install a mod called DissectCorpse, it Adding a function which the player can collect zombie meat from corpse.You’ll want to have an unbroken axe (comes with animation, sound effect, and impact when used!), an unbroken hunting knife, or an unbroken kitchen knife in the main inventory if you need to possession zombies’ meat. Don’t pick up zombies just right click on the ground to dissect.

#2: Burn Corpses

In Project Zomboid, burning zombies is the best way to take them down. The fire will not only damage the zombie, but it will also set the surrounding area on fire. This will create a hazard for any other zombies in the area, and it will also cause damage to any players or NPCs who are too close.

The first step is to gather some combustible materials. You can find wood planks, newspapers, and other flammable objects throughout the world of Project Zomboid. Once you have gathered some combustible materials, then make a campfire kit, fuel it with the materials, find a safe spot to ignite them.

#3: Bury corpse

First select the area that you want the grave to be, once you have an area, go and grab the corpse you want to bury. By equipping a shovel and right-clicking on a piece of grass or dirt, you are given the option to dig a grave.Right-click the grave you will see an option to Bury Corpse. you can bury a total of 5 corpse in each grave, which is good is you have more body you need get rid of.

#4:Delete Corpse with a trash can

To make life even easier, Press “Pick up: and then place the trash can near the Corpes you want to get rid of. you need a dumpster and to pick it up a crowbar, if you put the corpes into the trash can, there will a button appear which is named “Delete All”, just press it to delete the corpes.

What’s the best way to get rid of a dead body in Project Zomboid?

In conclusion, there are a few ways to dispose of bodies in Project Zomboid. The most efficient way is to burn the body, but if you don’t have the supplies, you can bury it. No matter which method you choose, make sure to do it discreetly and quickly to avoid attracting attention from zombies or other survivors.

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