Different types of wrenches in project zomboid

As a player of the game Project Zomboid, you may find yourself in need of a wrench at some point. There are three main types of wrenches that you can use in the game: lug wrench, wrench, and pipe wrench. In this article, we will discuss the different features and uses of each type of wrench.

Lug Wrench

The first type of wrench is the lug wrench. A lug wrench is used to install and uninstall tires from vehicles. This is necessary in order to access the suspension and brakes. In order to use a lug wrench on a particular vehicle, you must have read the appropriate recipe magazine for that vehicle type.

Lug wrenches can typically be found in gas stations, sheds, garages, mechanics’ shops, storage units, and crates. They can also occasionally be found in the trunks of vehicles.


The second type of wrench is simply called a wrench. This tool is required to install or uninstall the gas tank, muffler, brakes, suspension, trunk lid, hood, and to repair or dismantle the engine. As with the lug wrench, you will not be able to use a regular wrench on a vehicle unless you have read the corresponding recipe magazine.

As of build 41, the regular wrench can also be used as a short blunt weapon.

Pipe Wrench

The third type of wrench is the pipe wrench. A pipe wrench is a versatile tool that can used for many purposes beyond mechanics, such as plumbing or carpentry. When used as a mechanic tool, the pipe wrench is required to install or uninstall parts such as the gas tank or muffler. It can also repair or dismantle engines. The same rule applies as with the other wrenches – you must have read the corresponding recipe magazine before being able to use it on a vehicle.

In terms of stats, the pipe wrench is similar to the hammer but with some key differences. The pipe wrench has high durability and a faster swing time than the hammer but is heavier. It can be used to break doors and does 10 damage per hit. One downside is that it cannot be repaired if damaged.

Pipe wrenches can usually be found in similar locations as other wrenches, such as gas stations or storage units. They are sometimes found in trunks of vehicles as well. The approximate spawn chance for finding a pipe wrench is 35%.

Tips for Finding Wrenches

If you have searched for a wrench in-game and had no luck finding one, here are some tips:

-Check car trunks 
   - this is often where wrenches are located
-Look in wood crates in warehouses, this is another common spawn location for wrenches
-Use debug mode to spawn one yourself if you're having trouble finding one

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