broccoli in project zomboid

Broccoli Introduction:

Broccoli is a perishable food,Fresh broccoli can provide 9 hunger points, Stale broccoli provides 6 points of hunger,Also adds 10 points of boredom and 10 points of unhappiness to the character.Eating rotten broccoli is not a wise choice,Rotting broccoli only provides 4 points of hunger,However, it adds 20 points of boredom and 20 points of unhappiness to the character, and may cause the character to suffer from illness.

How to cook broccoli in Project zomboid:

You can make broccoli into jar of Broccoli: You need 1 Empty Jar,5 Broccoli,10 units of Water,2 units of Vinegar,1 unit of Sugar.

Broccoli is a cooking ingredient for making: Soup,Stew,Pie,Stir Fry,Roasted Vegetables,Salad,Pasta Saucepan,Rice Saucepan,Pasta Pot,Rice Pot.

How To Plant Broccoli:

First you need to find broccoli seeds:

How to get broccoli seeds in project zomboid:

Broccoli is often found in refrigerators and grocery stores.

You can obtain broccoli seeds by farming, just wait until the plant is seed-bearing.
If you don’t have farming skills, most plants will look different once they have seeds.

Growing Broccoli:

The amount of water required for proper growth is 70, the average number of days to harvest is 30, the number of extra days for seeds is 3, another 4 days to stale, and another 7 days to rot.